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This section of our website is for current Kennon Design and Parnassus Creative Website Services Clients. Here you will find many of the instructional documents we have created to assist you in maintaining your website and user account on Parnassus Creative’s Website Services Hosting Cooperative via Kennon Design.

While Kennon Design and Parnassus Creative Website Services are in this business to make a profit on the services we provide, we believe the better educated our clients are then the better their satisfaction will be with our services.

We can provide complete site administration for you if that is what you want, however the better educated you are about your site provides you with a clearer understanding of what it is we are doing for you and what the potential for your site can be.

While many websites we have developed are Joomla! and WordPress platform based designs, we do offer other site formats to our clients. However, with the many years of experience we have in website design and administration, we believe Joomla! and WordPress platform based designs have the most potential to meet our client’s current and future requirements.

Managing your Joomla! or WordPress site on a daily basis is easy; any device with a web browser and internet connection can be used to update content on your site or even to use the Site Administrator pages.

Both Joomla! and WordPress compared to other CMS (Content Management Systems) website formats were developed by large communities that have at its core the belief not everyone is a technology guru and therefore many aspects of Joomla! and WordPress are designed to be extremely user friendly. Once you have an understanding of the basics, everything else follows the same logical formats and functions — meaning you can quickly advance from a Beginner to the Administrator User Level and beyond.

After you have logged in to this site as a current Kennon Design or Parnassus Creative Website Services Client you will see listed in the Client Help menu section are links to PDF documents, videos, and links to other websites with detailed information for the information subject listed. You do need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view most of these documents. Many of these instructional documents were written for beginners and can be used for reference down the road to refresh your memory if you happen to get confused. Some documents may be updated from time to time so remember to check if there has been an update.

If you still do not find the information you are seeking, please contact us with your question and we will work to provide that answer to you.

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Kennon Design is a partner and co-creator of Parnassus Creative.

It is our goal to mentor your skills and abilities - and to inspire you to develop your websites and marketing media enabling them to be the best they can be!

You will find many resource materials within both entities branded for one or the other.

We have also gathered information and links from many other resources for your benefit, please respect all copyrights in your usage of these materials.